Fireworks Safety Tips

Fireworks are a great American tradition. They can provide hours of family entertainment, but must be handled by adults with safety in mind. For the safety of both the audience and those lighting the fireworks, we recommend that you observe the following safety measures during your fireworks display.

Children Should Not Handle Fireworks

NEVER let children handle, play with or light any fireworks. Only adults should handle and light the fireworks. The fireworks are great family fun, but they burn hot and are intended to be handled only by adults.

Do not Use Alcohol With Fireworks

Please do not consume alcohol while lighting fireworks. Fireworks must be used only by individuals who act in a responsible manner and who are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Follow The Laws

Follow your local and state laws regarding the possession and use of fireworks, and use good common sense when using fireworks. Read all directions, cautions, labels and warning on each individual fireworks item to understand the product performance and hazards associated with the use of the item.

Use Fireworks on a Hard Surface

Always light fireworks on a hard, flat level surface to insure the stability of the items. Grass is generally not suitable for any aerial items. If lighting on grass, lay down a flat wooden board for a shooting surface.

Use in a Clear, Open Area

Keep the audience, especially children, a safe distance away from the shooting site. Always light fireworks in a clear open area away from buildings and vehicles – minimum of 30 feet for fountains and other ground-based items and 100 yards for any aerial product is recommended. Avoid lighting fireworks in any area where there is dry grass or brush that could catch fire. Never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers.

Keep Clear of the Firework

Never put your head or any part of your body over the top of any firework product. Never hold lighted fireworks in your hand. Never look into a tube to check on the performance of the item.

Use Care in Lighting Fireworks

Always light fireworks products with a punk, flare or an extended butane lighting device, enabling you to keep as far from the product as possible. If needed, use a flashlight at night so the fuse can be seen – never use a lantern or other flame producing device near fireworks for illumination.Light the firework product and get away.

One at a Time

Only light one firework at a time.

Don’t use Malfunctioning Items

Never attempt to re-light, alter or fix any “dud” firework.

Have Water Close By

Have an accessible fire extinguisher, water supply, hose or bucket of water nearby for emergencies.

Soak Fireworks After Use

After using fireworks, soak the spent items thoroughly with water to prevent them from re-igniting. Let them soak overnight. Never bring spent fireworks inside.

Windy Conditions

Be cautious of lighting any aerial firework during strong wind conditions. The firework should be lit with the prevailing wind blowing away from the spectators. If there is a significant wind shift during the time you are lighting the firework, the shooting site should be rearranged or the shoot should be postponed until the conditions improve.

Use Care in Handling Fireworks

Do not carry fireworks in your pocket. Always be careful in handling fireworks to prevent dropping them. Never smoke when handling fireworks.

Never Use Fireworks as Weapons

Never aim, point or throw fireworks at another person, or at any property or structure.

Store Fireworks Safely

Always store fireworks in a cool, dry place and dispose of fireworks properly.

Only Use Fireworks Outdoors

Never use fireworks indoors!

Purchase Fireworks From Reliable Dealers

Buy fireworks only from reliable, licensed fireworks dealers. Licensed and reliable dealers will carry only those products that meet standards enforced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Never make your own fireworks. Never modify an existing fireworks item.

Special Reloadable Rules

Never use wet or damaged shell or launch tube. Insert shell all the way into the bottom of the tube, flat end down. Never force a shell into a tube. Use only one shell at a time. Wait at least 30 seconds between loading shells. Never ignite a shell outside of a launch tube. Never take the shell apart. Never relight a fuse that fails to ignite. After lighting the fuse, move a minimum of 20 feet from the launch tube. Never put you head or part of your body over a loaded tube.

Wear Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are recommended for those individuals lighting the fireworks and those individuals in close proximity to the fireworks.

Never Take Fireworks On An Airplane

It is a violation of federal law to carry fireworks on an airplane or transport fireworks in your luggage.

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